• Mikocheni B, Block "B", Plot No 22, House No MKC / MCB / 993
  • +255 22 2780 025
  • Mikocheni B, Block "B", Plot No 22, House No MKC / MCB / 993
  • +255 22 2780 025

Our Work

Since our founding in 2013, the Tanzania Communication and Development Center (TCDC) has been involved in some of Tanzania’s most prominent community health campaigns, with a focus on malaria, HIV/AIDS, family planning, safe motherhood and nutrition.

Some of our current programs include:

Wazazi Nipendeni: Wazazi Nipendeni (“Parents Love Me”) is a national multimedia campaign to promote healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood. Beyond just radio and TV spots, the campaign utilizes a free text-messaging service to send healthy pregnancy reminders to women at various stages of their pregnancy and during the early development of their child.


Aiisseee!!: Aiisseee!! (a phonetic play on “I say!”) is a radio-based game show that tests partners’ knowledge of each other. This program helps to promote knowledge of partner health status, an important element of current HIV/AIDS prevention strategies.

Tuko Wangapi?Tuko Wangapi? (“How many are we?”) is a national campaign to address the issue of multiple sexual partners, a major contributor to new HIV infections in Tanzania. This campaign utilizes radio and television spots, outreach programs and print and social media to improve awareness.


Green Star: The Green Star campaign is a longstanding initiative to raise awareness about family planning options in Tanzania. Recent efforts, revitalized in 2013, aim to promote family planning by increasing visibility at health facilities and in small group settings.

Sio Kila Homa Ni Malaria: The Sio Kila Homa Ni Malaria (“Not Every Fever Is Malaria”) initiative aims to promote proper testing and treatment for malaria and other illnesses, and to reduce self-medication that could lead to the development of antimalarial resistance in Tanzania.


Our staff also have experience working with the following successful campaigns as part of the Communication and Malaria Initiative in Tanzania (COMMIT):


Fataki: Fataki was a radio campaign in the early 2010’s that revolved around the story of an older man who used his wealth to trick school-aged girls into having sex with him. The campaign was wildly popular in Tanzania and was designed to raise awareness about sexual predation as an avenue for HIV infection.

Chonde Chonde Ulevi Noma: Chonde Chonde Ulevi Noma (“Let’s Deal with Drunkenness”) was a campaign in the early 2010’s to address the issue of drunkenness. The program emphasized drunkenness’ role in poor decision-making and the transmission of HIV.