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Master Trainers Set for 'Journey of Success'

Thursday, 09 April 2015 11:03

Mr. Peter Labouchere of Bridges of Hope guides master trainers through a module.Trainers and managers were introduced to the new “Journey of Success” kit last month. The kit will significantly broaden the scope of work for TCDC’s community volunteers.

Communities around Tanzania are about to get a boost in the fight against some of the country’s most significant health challenges, thanks to a new resource kit being developed by TCDC.

The “Journey of Success” kit is a series of lessons that will build on the existing scope of work for TCDC’s community volunteers, known as Community Change Agents (CCAs). The kit will give CCAs new and improved material for existing topics such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, family planning and safe motherhood, while also integrating innovative modules that focus on self-image and stigma – critical concepts in effective behavior change.

TCDC has been working with Peter Labouchere of Bridges of Hope Training to develop the “Journey of Success”. Mr. Labouchere, a pioneer in modern behavior change techniques, traveled to Dar es Salaam last month to introduce the kit and conduct a training for master trainers and regional managers.

The four-day training gave trainers and managers a chance to experience the new lessons as participants before later going out to practice facilitating at the community level during field exercises on the outskirts of Dar. The trainers and managers were able to provide feedback that helped shape the final draft of the kit, which is currently in production.

“They are an amazing group of people to work with,” Mr. Labouchere said of the TCDC staff. “It was very special for me having such a level of commitment, creativity and willingness to engage fully with the materials.”

The master trainers are expected to begin training ground-level CCAs in the use of the “Journey of Success” later this month, with the rollout to coincide with a planned expansion of the CCA program. The expansion, which is funded by USAID and the Global Fund, will double the number of community volunteers throughout Tanzania.


For more information, check out our interactive PDF(865k)!

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